Intel Wireless Driver Deployment With SCCM

A large part of any desktop engineers job is to keep drivers in the environment current.  It’s been debatable on the requirement to push driver updates – but in my mind updates are released for a reason.  It usually doesn’t hurt to keep drivers current.  Usually the biggest constraint is time to package, test, and deploy. 

My current client has had intermittent problems with the wireless connection on HP laptops.  We’ve had complaints of connections randomly dropping both in the office and at home (red flag!).  The list of variables that could cause this issue is endless.  Old routers, too many wireless devieces connected at home, signal strength, BIOS, drivers, etc.  Since this issue got some high level visibility we were asked to take at least one variable out of the equation – the wireless drivers.  Again, I was a little skeptical but then again – the drivers on the image were between 2-3 years old. 

Step one almost took the longest.  When I went to HP’s site the packaged drivers were not current.  Navigating Intel’s site can be cumbersome.  I finally found the link for wireless drivers (not the full Proset software).  You can find that here :  Intel Wireless Driver Download for IT Administrators

Intel provides an executable that can be run silently and is fairly quick and painless.  When you download, try running this exe.

iprodifx.exe /silent

I usually write a vb wrapper for all disitributions for logging, prerequisites, etc.  Here’s the command for vbs  (just substitue intInstallIntel and dim, etc)

intInstallIntel = objShell.Run(Chr(34) & strCurrentDir & “\iprodifx.exe” & Chr(34) & ” /silent”,1,True)

I am doing most of my targeting via SCCM collection queries rather than in the vbscript just because its a bit different for each model.

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