Restarting a Hung MDT 2010 or 2012 Task Sequence

I’ve been asked a few times about the easiest way to restart a hung task sequence.  Hung meaning – for some reason the task sequence you kicked off doesn’t complete during or after imaging.  Most cases I see are hung after the image is down on the machine and waiting for the applications to load.   MDT basically tries to start where it leaves off and fail.

You try to reboot off the boot media and you see a message stating you can’t restart the task sequence becuase its waiting for applications to load.

If it’s a chronic problem – this probably isn’t the fix.  This is just for the one-off scenarios for when MDT decides to break.

To stop these errors from re-occuring

  • Boot to the OS
  • Delete these 2 folders from root of C:  _smstasksequence & minint
  • reboot and boot off MDT disk or PXE.  The MDT deployment share should start from scratch.

Also, can do the same thing winthin WinPE

  • diskpart 
  • select disk 0 
  • clean
  • then, restart the deployment

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