Converting Windows 10 Media Creation tool to install.wim

When creating media with the Microsoft Windows 10 media creation tool, the USB drive or ISO file will not have install.wim included.  Therefore, you are not able to import an operating system into MDT.  There must be a install.wim in the “sources” in the media.  By default, the media creation tool creates a “install.esd” file.


To convert install.esd into install.wim, you can you use dism.

Open the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment CMD prompt as admin, and browse to your folder location of install.esd

type:  dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:install.esd





We are looking for the index of the version we want to convert.  For example, if you want Windows 10 PRO, use index 1.

then type:  dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity





This will convert your install.wim file and can now delete install.esd.  This should now import into MDT.

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MDT 2010 Videos – Lite Touch Training

All credit to Johan Arwidmark – one of the best!

MDT 2010 Lite Touch Training Page 1

Part 1- Introduction to Windows AIK 2.0

– Creating a custom WinPE image
– Use ImageX to mount the image
– Use DISM to inject a driver
– Show BCDBoot
– Use Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) to edit unattend.xml


Part 2 – Windows Deployment Services (WDS) configuration

– PXE listener and Multicast
– PXE Boot Policy
– Network Configuration


Part 3 – Introduction to MDT 2010 Lite Touch

– Create Deployment Share
– Import Operating System
– Add applications
– Create Task Sequences
– Create boot images
– Test a deployment


Part 4 – Multiple Deployment Shares


– Why we need them
– Lab and Production shares


Part 5 – Creating the MDT Build Lab Share

– Rules configuration
– Configuring the task sequence
– Using the LTI Suspend feature


Part 6 – Creating the MDT Production Share

– Rules configuration
– Configuring the task sequence
– Joining the domain


Part 7 – Introduction to MDT 2010 Rules

– Basic rules (customsettings.ini)
– Using Properties
– Review reference documentation







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