SCCM 2012 Task Sequence Failing With Error Code 0x80004005

I had a very unusual issue come up where a task sequence continuously failed right after WinPE booted.

We had complaints that our task sequence was failing on 2 existing laptops.  After checking around to make sure it wasn’t an SCCM infrastructure issue, I started looking at the laptop.

The boot image would load, then go to the default startup screen during the image process.  When hitting “next”, it immediately failed with the Error Code 0x80004005.  I’ve seen this error code in the past and usually came back to network connectivity.  Fired up the command prompt, and we had an IP. We can rule that out.

I started asking more questions about the laptop itself.  It turns out these 2 laptops recently had the motherboards replaced.  So my thinking goes back to network… obviously we have a new NIC in the laptop if the motherboard was replaced.  I open up CMtrace in WinPE, and look again.  The same 0x80004005 (failed to get client identity).




Now it’s starting to stir my memory…. I’ve seen this before.  I am thinking motherboard replacement… I wonder what the BIOS date/time is set to.  When building boot media, you select the self signed certificate with a distinct date range.  Sure enough, the BIOS on the laptop is set to over a year ago.  Once I changed it back to the current date/time – everything works!  BIOSdatetime

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